Who are we? 

Hempy Bites LLC was birthed out of tragedy, sorrow & the decision to find hope in something greater than ourselves.  

Our family was your typical, on-the-go sports loving, God fearing family, grinding away at the normal busyness of life when the unthinkable hit home.  No warning. No health issues. Cancer.

In 9 short months, we rode the emotional rollercoaster of shock, then a ray of  hope,  followed by devastation & loss.  Our fearless leader was gone. (Some of you unfortunately, can relate).  Faced with the role of, "it's all on you girl!". I had to enter the new role of provider for myself and 5 of our 8 kids still at home. 

Gee!  What's a gal to do? How can I provide for my family?  No college. No special skills or training.  I had to think what I CAN do instead. What's the current direction of my passions?  Well,  I love learning about nutrition & better ways to provide quick, healthy options, for the kids, as they dart from one sport or destination to another.

  -Heck, these people can really put away the food!!-

  They really loved the superfood protein bites I started making. (like seriously! who wasn't on Pintrest looking at protein bar/bite recipes!?)   And after you get the gist of what the basic ingredients are & how they all stick together, it's limitless! But finding one that tasted good & had the best ingredients was more of a challenge. Sheesh!

So, by adding superfoods, with the greatest health benefits, I mixed (& mixed & mixed & mixed, you get it. It took awhile to perfect them)  together to create deliciousness they could grab and go. (And to be honest, it was way easier to whip up a batch than cooking a big meal and messing up the kitchen.  So, it was a win-win!)  Word spread, others loved, and Hempy Bites LLC was born.  And shortly thereafter: Baca Bites


What's in the Future for Hempy & Baca Bites?

Our goals in the near future, will be to have bites, it the windows of your favorite stores like Panera & Sprouts etc.-  ~Imagine yourself walking in, hearing the frappe blender grinding away, smelling those blends of coffee wafting through the air, and seeing a whole selection of yummy Hempy or Baca Bites behind the shiny glass display.  You say, "Yes, I'd like 2 Lemon Berry Chia and 3 of the Mocha Caffe' Bites.  Oh, and can I grab a dozen of the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip to-go?" (you will of course, want to share with your family & co-workers)  YES!! you think. "Yay ME!"  "I'm fueling my body with REAL Food! And this is such an easy and convenient way to do it!"

We'd also love to be on the refrigerated, grab-&-go sections in your local convenience stores!!  From Casey's, QT and  Kum & Go, to Sprouts & Reasors 


Personally Moving Forward ~

They say life is what you make it.  We don't choose what happens to us, stuff happens to all of us, but we can choose how react.  I can't change the past anymore than I can make myself taller (and heck, I'm good with 5'9" anyway!) But, each day I can choose to lay down & give up, or I can choose to get up & live for something greater. How can I help those around me? 

Everyday is decision day. If you don't change something today, it will be just like yesterday.  And if yesterday wasn't where you imagined yourself, then change something today!!

"I choose to improve myself, my skills, my knowledge, so can help my family, others, as well as myself," KG


What's all the Hemp About?

Well, some say Hemp Seeds (also known as Hemp Hearts) are the WORLDS MOST NUTRITIOUS SEED!!  And that's quite impressive! 

For those of you hoping to benefit from CBD, you're not going to find any in Hempy Bites  or  hemp seeds or hemp seed oil.   We're strictly family friendly. And just provide superfoods most anyone can enjoy.  (Although, if you buy the mix, I imagine you can add whatever "extras" in you want. lol)

(You might find CBD in products that say "HEMP OIL"  which can refer to a full-spectrum oil from the Cannabis plant) Yes, there is a difference between HEMP OIL & HEMP SEED OIL.  Two very different products.  

Just do a few web searches and you will see the amazing things this SUPERFOOD is connected with.